From Toxic to Tranquil: Tools for More Enjoyable Holidays

From Toxic to Tranquil: Tools for More Enjoyable Holidays


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• Do you dread the holidays with family but feel obligated to participate?
• Are there certain relatives or friends that you’d like to avoid, but can’t?
• Do you “wish we could all just get along?”

Well then, you’re invited to spend a couple of hours with Bea Brown, Ph.D., to learn ways to deal with difficult family members over turkey dinner. You’ll come away with practical, proactive strategies to reduce the drama!

One of the biggest challenges to happiness is dealing with people you feel are difficult, and it seems more upsetting when it is family. During this informal session, we will explore ways to transform these troublesome encounters so you come away feeling better.

Together, we will:

1. Discover the boundaries of your emotional and physical well-being.
2. Identify emotional traps with your family and friends.
3. Develop your personal style to communicate your needs and feelings.
4. Explore several proactive strategies to reduce the drama.

Dr. Brown’s expertise includes facilitation, mediation, interactive learning, training games and simulations, and controversial issues process. She has conducted training in the art of effective communication for school districts, police departments, universities, and corporations across the United States and abroad.